#Kenya365-September 2012

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

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African Lens

The #Kenya365 Instagram Project is a photo project conceived by Erik Hersman, Mutua Matheka and Eston Whitfield to "find interesting shots" of daily life in Kenya. The unscripted nature of Instagram "street" photography can potentially rewards us with a multi-faceted view of life in Kenya.  The project has already produced some rather interesting views - from shots of children headed to school in the early hours of the morning, mouth watering local delicacies to beautiful revealing portraits.  This is the way things are, as captured by the roving lenses of participants of this project. If you are in Kenya, Erik & Co will gladly like you to join in. Simply tag your instagram shots from Kenya with #kenya365.  It ends on Aug 31, 2013.  

It is not yet clear what the project owners intend to do with this ( a wonderful exhibition will be cool ), however, with kind permission from Erik, AfricanLens intends to curate and post some of the most interesting shots submitted on a monthly basis. Kudos to Erik & friends for such a wonderful idea. 

Project Owners:

  1. Erik Hersman on Instagram: @White_African and on Twitter at @WhiteAfrican
  2. Mutua Matheka on Instagram: @Truthslinger and on Twitter at @Truthslinger
  3. Eston Whitfield on Instagram: @Eston and on Twitter at @Estoni

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