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Friday, July 23, 2010


Holly Clark

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Shortly after starting a graphic design career in the music industry, Holly Clark realized full-time work wasn't for her. She quit her job, traveled around the world, and has been freelancing ever since. Holly currently provides design and copywriting services to her clients along with the occasional stock photography shot thrown in. She has been documenting her travels to Africa since that world journey, 11 years ago. Along with her husband, a former safari guide, she also provides African travel consultations as well as escorts small groups around South Africa. You can see more of her photography on her flickr photostream.


South Africa. A country with 11 official languages, a multitude of ethnic groups, known far and wide for its oppressive past, and now known for successfully pulling off the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In the weeks prior to the opening match, the country was buzzing with excitement. Businesses and homes alike were decorated with flags from the participating nations. Shopping centers had soccer balls hanging in every store window. Cars were kitted out with flags flapping from the windows & covering side-view mirrors.

The final day of the work week was designated "football friday" for the two months leading up to and during the main event with workers wearing South African football jerseys sporting company names. Foreigners from all over the world descended on the country filling its national parks, game reserves, restaurants and hotels. This country was humming. These photographs were taken between the two weeks leading up to the opening match and during several of the first games. Enjoy.

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