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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Mark Chilvers

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I was born in a remand school for boys 1968 ( grandfather was the govenor ). I studied a BA(hons) in photography in the mid 90’s in Brighton after traveling round Asia for six months, this was followed by a couple of years assisting fashion photographers in London and working nights as a bar man. I currently live with my girlfriend and son in South London. Clients include: Guardian Weekend, Observer, Independent on Sunday magazine, Men's Health UK, Stern, Newsweek, Time magazine, New York Times, Oxfam, Action Aid, Red Cross.


Boxing in the suburb of Bukom, in Ghana's capital shows the tangible fighting spirit of the area which has produced several world class boxers. For these boys and men, boxing is more than a sport. It is potentially a ticket out of poverty. The dream is to get a fight in America or Europe where the pay cheque can help to build a better future back home in Bukom, where the traditional industry is fishing, which has an annual salary of $300 approx.

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