Life, Survival, Death. Repeat.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Keri Oberly

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Keri Oberly is a visual journalist specializing in documentary photo, video, multimedia, and travel storytelling.


Being from a western culture, two main things struck me about the African culture. First, Africans have a strong sense of community and strength. Second, religion not only brings them together but it is the backbone of their life. Nowhere are communities, strength, and religion brought together more, than at funerals.

African funerals not only bring family and friends together, they bring villages together. From the open caskets, to the continuous wailing, to the beautiful singing and praising, African funerals are intense. However, with death comes repercussions. Children are left with other family members or orphanages. With death comes strength and growth. Communities come together to raise a child. Ubuntu, “I am because we are.” 

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