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Recent Pictures of the Day

  • Pictures of the Day: April 25th, 2012 I volunteer every Friday at Le Foyer (teaching English to young woman who care for the babies at le Pouponniere ) - I normally take the blue Dem Dikk bus home but this day I took the Car Rapide.

    Published On:Apr 25th, 2012

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  • Pictures of the Day: April 4th, 2011 In Zanzibar, Tanzania, a common job for local women is picking and harvesting seaweed. Although the landscape of the island is picturesque, these women are exposed to harsh working conditions, being in the sun all day with little protection and little pay.

    Published On:Apr 4th, 2011

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  • Pictures of the Day: January 27th, 2011 Apac District, Northern Uganda – Students from Wigua Primary School climb on the deep well rehabilitated through funds from Canadian water charity, Ryan's Well Foundation, February 2010.

    Published On:Jan 27th, 2011

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Recent Photo Stories

  • #Africa365 Sept 2012Much debate has been done lately about the merits of Instagram as a true expression of artistic abilities.

    Published On:Sep 24th, 2012

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  • Iraq, South AfricaA look at a revolutionary approach to public healthcare in a small settlement just outside Cape Town.

    Published On:Aug 11th, 2011

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  • Little MogadishuA brief exploration into the Nairobi neighborhood of Eastleigh, an area known for the large Somali diaspora that lives there, and notorious for its connections to both piracy and Al-Shabab.

    Published On:Jun 17th, 2011

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  • South African Township Barbershops & SalonsFrom the rural communities of Dzanini, close the border of Zimbabwe, through to neighborhoods of Khayelitsha in Africa's southern most city, the informal barbershop and hair salon play an important part in township life. These businesses are a place where getting your hair cut or styled is sometimes an afterthought. - Simon Weller.

    Published On:Jun 11th, 2011

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  • Growing Up in FetraombySpotlight on everyday lives of children and adolescents in Fetraomby, a village of about 500 inhabitants in eastern Madagascar.

    Published On:Feb 1st, 2011

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Recent Special Topics

  • #Kenya365 - January 2013A bit late publishing this, but good as ever. The January 2013 installment of the #Kenya365 Instagram photo project. Enjoy.

    Published On:Feb 9th, 2013

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  • La Lutte WrestlingLutte Duppedrongofrillo (fr. for Traditional Wrestling) is the name used to describe related styles of West African Folk Wrestling, known as Laamb in Senegal, Boreh in The Gambia, Evala in Togo, and KoKowa / Kokawa in Hausa areas of Nigeria and Niger, or simply Lutte Traditionnelle, in Niger and Burkina Faso.

    Published On:Oct 22nd, 2010

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  • FacesYou don't have to tell how you live each day; You don't have to say if you work or you play; A tried, true barometer serves in the place -- However you live, it will show in your face. " Author - Unknown.

    Published On:Oct 11th, 2010

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  • My AfricaA collection of pictures gathered to capture my view of Africa - showing all the complexities of culture, people, social life and economic situations.

    Published On:Sep 12th, 2010

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Recent Editorials

  • And So It Begins!The African Lens project is an inspired project designed to tell the story of Africa. It is based on the premise that Africa is a complex, multi-faceted environment with rich and varying cultures which too often get very short coverage in journalistic work out of there.

    Published On:May 28th, 2010

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  • The New Visual Stories of ‘Africa’What is the visual story that needs to be told about Africa? Is there a pictorial strategy that can account for one billion people, living in 53 countries that occupy 12 million square miles, speaking two thousand languages, embodying multiple cultures and numerous ethnicities, with manifold intersections with our globalised world?

    Published On:May 28th, 2010

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