Submission Guide

There are 3 main types of content you can submit - Photo Stories, Photos of the Day and Editorials. The detail below provides the specifics of what each type requires. We are here to help so please do not hesitate to send us an .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you run into any submission problems. We are happy to help!

A Photo Story

This is typically a story told mostly with pictures, with or without a short essay. The main story is actually told via the captions on each picture. However, you can also provide a short introductory paragraph to give some context to the set of photographs. We are interested in stories which captures how Africans go about their daily lives - how they live, culture e.t.c. please feel free to tackle any topic you consider interesting.

For the photo story, you will need the following data points:

Pictures of the Day

This is typically a single picture you have captured about something interesting - capturing that essential snaphot in time of that event you would like to share with us. There is no story or essay - just a single picture submitted. Of course, you may submit several pictures on any given day.

For the Pictures of the Day, you will need the following data points:

Editorials and Essays

This is typically an essay or editorial piece addressing a specific topic. Here, the main content is the editorial piece itself, with very few or even no photos at all, however, we will encourage you to include at least one photo to illustrate your point if possible.

For the editorial pieces, you will need the following data points:

Try as a much as possible to find ways to get the average person on the street to tell their own story - conveying that message through the captions on the photo. Otherwise, you can provide the narrative from your point of view. We are looking into how we can also include picture slideshows with audio commentary and videos. This will take a little bit more time to implement and may not be available by launch date, however, that is the direction we want to go. If you have slideshows with audio content, still send it to us - we will find a way to integrate it into the site. Let's get to work!