About African Lens

A View of Africa Through Our Lens. We seek to tell the story of Africa through visual elements which captures the essence of our everyday lives. Content is contributed by you and photojournalists who travel across the continent.

The dominant representation of Africa today is one of war, poverty, disease and everything that can go wrong with humanity. It is famously referred to as the "forgotten continent".  African Lens is designed as a platform to document and present a visual Africa in an unbiased way . It is also a medium to showcase different aspects of our every day lives and serve as an advocate to compelling stories that need to be told. Content will be generated from everywhere - from the established photojournalist to user contributions. Please feel free to ping us if you have something interesting to share!

Our Mission

Our goal is to present a visual representation of Africa to offer a different perspective to the status quo through powerful photography, videos and essays.